Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our new toy - 2011 Aliner Scout

My comfort zone was something I thought we traded in when we bought our new Aliner Scout last year.  Until then; roughing it meant how far I had to walk from the parking lot to the front door of the Hilton.
What a gal will do for love?  Camping would mean a serious adjustment for me ... or not.
You see, our Scout has A/C; it has heating; it has a view; it has "accommodations"; it has a fridge; it has a bed; it has a dinette; it has a microwave.  Ya know; a girl could get used to this.  Now if I could just get the hubby to leave a mint on my pillow.

We named our new toy after our miniature schnauzer, Baxter.  He is our second miniature schnauzer & altho radically different than the first (aren't they always?); he has been quite the addition to our home (and Aliner).  We named the Aliner "Baxter's Waggin' becuz our little guy still has his tail; not cropped.  He AND his tail have so much personality.  And he LOVES to camp.